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Gondol Plastik

According to the book, published in 1978, "Metro sells $30 million worth of its Erecta and Super Erecta shelving and accessories per year." Business must be booming because Maslow says that in 1979 Metro Wire's total sales were $50 million.

New Collection

STEP ASIDE Ben Franklin, you're not the only Pennsylvania inventor to hit the big time. At one time Louis Maslow of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., had more than 50 patents under his belt.He's been dead now for seven years, but during his time he invented such items (and the...

Kitchen Era

The products in this range balance respect for existing archetypes with exploration of new ideas. While each item is designed to work on its own, they are unified into a coherent collection by common product expressions, such as shared profiles, modular footprints and...